Securing digital transformation without slowing down business critical application development is one of the most challenging mission organizations face today.


as a service

is designed for companies that wants to keep up with the rapid changes in customer needs and industry trends while empowering agility in business critical application development in the most secure way.

Secure DevOps Workflow

Secure DevOps Infrastructure



Get immediate growth in DevSecOps maturity and cooperation efficiency with Subscuto’s unified Secure DevOps service

Secure and Fast
Time to Market

Achieve faster and more secure time to market by automated security controls and actions

24/7 Threat Detection and Response

Protect your crown jewel applications in production with continuous behavioral and threat monitoring, detection and response

Establish secure application development and operation controls and guidelines aligned with business process fundamentals, with the support of industry acknowledged cyber security professionals.

Manage and reduce risks at scale by Subscuto’s integrated security Automation and Response platform. Achieve faster and more secure time to market by automated vulnerability scans, compliance checks, and remediation workflows in CI/CD.

Reduce threat surface by immediate, automated alerting if critical vulnerability or misconfiguration detected with Subscuto’s CI/CD pipeline penetration testing. Remediate and mitigate threats through actionable remediation guidance and on-demand technical support.

Protect your applications and infrastructure regardless of location, size or architecture with Subscuto’s 24/7 monitoring, detection and response service. Investigate every alert and reduce dwell time dramatically by integrated security automation playbooks.

DevSecOps consultation engineering

Strategic and technical support for DevOps teams to secure application development processes, container hardening, CI/CD vulnerability management, compliance and risk assessments, and incident response.

DevSecOps automation and response

Tailor made playbook development to prevent vulnerabilities, mis- and non-compliant configurations, speed up remediation and cooperation with automation and chatops integration.

CI/CD penetration testing

Highly efficient manual testing with adversary mindset to reveal stealthy threats and vulnerabilities that would be exploited in the wild, leveraged by Subscuto’s in-house threat intelligence and malware reverse engineering.

Managed runtime detection and response

24/7 workload behavioral and threat monitoring to detect and response attacks targeting your container, serverless and IaC infrastructure, bolstered by automation at scale to assure constant incident and forensic investigation quality.


Comprehensive DevOps Native Security

Deliver complete visibility, automation, detection and response across any compute, network or cloud service. Easily apply governance policies ensuring compliance and enforcing good behavior.

Full LifeCycle

Eliminate issues early and prevent alert fatigue by seamlessly integrating security early and throughout the application lifecycle, from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and registries to runtime.

Across Any DevOps Environment

Monitor, secure and maintain compliance on multi- and hybrid-cloud, container and serverless environments with a single integrated platform.

Gain deep visibility into the security posture of DevOps environments. Keep track of everything that gets deployed with an automated asset inventory, and maintain compliance with out-of-the box governance policies that enforce good behavior across your environments.

Secure hosts, containers and serverless throughout the application lifecycle. Detect and prevent risks by integrating vulnerability intelligence from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and to registries and runtime. Enforce ML-based runtime protection to protect applications and workloads in real time.

Continuously monitor network activity for anomalous behavior, enforce microservoce-aware microsegmentation and implement industry-leading firewall protection. Protect network perimeter as well as connectivity between containers and hosts.

Monitor and analyze user and entity behavior across your environments to detect and block malicious actions. Gain visibility into and enforce governance policies on user activities, and manage permissions on both users and workloads.

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